Why AFT?

AFT is Africa's most innovative land trading service with various options to help you acquire land asset at the click of a button. Using technology as our primary leverage, we are gradually becoming the largest online real estate marketplace. Since inception, we have been able to use real estate investment to improve the economic standing of all our investors at every level providing powerful opportunities and insight.

What you don't know is that ...?

We have redefined the way you interact with land acquisition. The standard process of owning a land is for you to wait until you have hundreds of thousands and millions of naira before you can purchase. But with Assura Trade, you can don't have to wait that long, you can enter the league of landlords with what you have. Assura trade is the first and only land trading company that allows you begin your acquisition journey with as little as 1sq.m at N1,300 Simply put… We are saying that it is now possible for you to acquire your own land at a very affordable start-up package and gradually upgrade at your convenience. Here are five different ways you can interact with your asset.

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