AFT is building one of the largest asset share base platforms in the world and everyone who joins can get a piece of these assets from all over Nigeria.
Not only do we give you earnings but we have a cutting edge referral based compensation plan that can be very profitable.
The whole concept of "Land Acquisition" is expensive for most people to purchase because asset always appreciates in value.
This specialized asset base platform allows you to buy/sell landed properties online, once the maturity date is attained, the asset can be exchanged for either cash or plot of land.



Welcome onboard, we are excited to have you join the Assura Fast Trade Co . This is not a get-rich-quick-scheme but a mutually beneficial asset creation platform where everyone benefits involved is always a winner.
We understand that good relationships thrive on communication more so mutual partnership, hence for clarity of expectations, listed below are policies you reserve the right to be aware of.


Section 3.1 – Requirements to Become a Member

Networking commission: Become a member a with the sum of N20,525, register 4 people and earn 10%.

The AFT Partnership subscription is an annual rental fee due at the expiration of 365days.

- Your message board will notify you 30days to expiration

- 14days to expiration day

- 7days countdown to expiration day

- Regular cash-out will lower your chances to own the land.

- Your profit will stop if you have made upto 80% profit from a particular asset

- Asset worth will generate both profit and capital before or after 90days from the day of asset creation.

Section 3.2

These commissions are paid to your AFT bonus wallet and can either be used to repurchase an asset or transferred into your local bank account.

The reason our pay plan is so exciting is because you are paid commissions on EVERY person that you share this opportunity with.

Asset appreciation: You will receive a daily profit for whatsoever amount of asset you have purchased.

Asset commission: You get 1% - 5% whenever your referral purchases an asset.

Section 3.3 – Partners Benefits

Membership in the Company allows the following Member rights:

  1. Right to promote the Company’s benefits and opportunities;
  2. Right to participate in the Company Compensation Plan;
  3. Right to sponsor prospective Company members;
  4. Right to receive Company literature and Company communications; and
  5. Right to participate in Company sponsored functions.

Section 3.4 – Investors Account and Withdrawal Documentation

  1. All AFT Investors have monthly withdrawal limit 100k
  2. That monthly cash-out might take more than 24hrs due to local bank overdraft.
  3. While cash profit is not absolutely guaranteed, landed properties acquisition is .
  4. Due to supply and demand of assets, the daily speculation is pegged at 2%
  5. No AFT investor is permitted to sell their asset worth, you can only convert your asset worth to plot of land.
  6. Asset can only be converted to land after 90days of gestation.
  7. A member can only acquire the land after 90days.
  8. Maximum purchase limit for a newly launched asset cannot be higher than NGN200,000. An investor cannot purchase more than 600sqm of a newly launched asset. If you invest above NGN200,000 your AFT account will be ban.
  1. Your KYC verification takes a minimum of 3days and maximum of 7days
  2. Your daily profit and asset worth will generate both your profit and invested capital
  3. Not all account are eligible to convert their asset-worth to plot of land due to high cash out of profit.
  1. The referral percentage is not fixed, its is subject to change determined by the rise or fall in market
  2. Refund: Refund can be done only 42 hours from day of purchase, after this time refund will no longer be available
  3. Risk: AFT risk lies on fall in asset value base on low demand of land properties, this will put you profit to minus, immediately demand goes high your profit will come back. You are not guarantee profit but you are guarantee plot of land
  4. Asset conversion is not available yet, margining two assets together is not allowed
  5. if you always sell your profit within 90days of purchase, if profit has been made, your profit can stop anytime but if you leave it to grow it won’t stop.

Section 5 REFUNDS

Membership Application Fee Refund

Refund requests must be made within 48 hours of payment Untimely refund requests will be rejected.

Section 5.1 Cancellation of Membership

If a Member’s membership is canceled for any reason, the Member must discontinue using the Company’s name, and all of Company trademarks, trade names, service marks, and other intellectual property, and all derivatives of such marks and intellectual property.

Section 5.2 Errors or Questions

A Member must notify the Company of any errors regarding commissions, bonuses, genealogy lists, or charges within 60 days of the date of the purported error. The Company will not be responsible for any errors, omissions or problems not reported to the Company within 60 days of the error.

Section 5.3 Compensation Plan Limits or Restrictions

The Company reserves the right to limit or discontinue new memberships and thereby the ability of its members to obtain commissions or participation in the Company’s Compensation Plan.

Section 5.4 Mediation

Prior to instituting an arbitration, the parties shall meet in good faith and attempt to resolve any dispute arising from or relating to the Agreement through non-binding mediation.

Section 5.5 Arbitration

If mediation is unsuccessful, any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to the Agreement, or the breach thereof, not including unilateral discretionary policy enforcement by the Company, shall be settled by confidential arbitration.

Section 5 .6 Fraud Prevention

The Company is dedicated to preventing fraud, money laundering, terrorist financing or other financial crime and therefore we may share a Member’s personal information with credit reference or fraud prevention agencies. If the Company transfers a Member’s personal information to a third party in a country outside ,the Company will require that the third party agrees to apply the same levels of protection that are required by law in such jurisdictions when processing personal data.

If the Company suspects that a Member has given false information, the Company may record and report suspicion together with any other relevant information. If false or inaccurate information is provided and fraud is identified, details will be passed to fraud prevention agencies to prevent fraud and money laundering and financing of terrorism.