Q - How Do I Join Assura Trade?

A: Register an account with us and pick a package of your choice .The packages include : a)basic,  b)trader,  c)home  d)business. Once you are done with your plan/package selection,you need to  indicate the estate  of your 


To become a full member ,you will have to pay a one time fee of 30,000Naira ,this will give you lifetime access to our platform and allow you to benefit from  other opportunities  we provide.  


Q - Is  Assura Trade only  for Nigerians?

A: Assura Trade gives opportunity to every individual irrespective of your Country ,Race,Tribe and Culture

Q - How Do I make Payment?

A: There are two modes  of making payment.  payment using  the company's online payment portal or Bank transfer ,Please ensure you indicate your username on the description space while making payment .


Q - What is Assura trade  Refund Policy?

A: Once payment is made,if for any urgent reason you want to demand refund,it must be done 

within 48hours from the time of payment.On the website ,there  is a count down button that allows for a refund 

within 48hours ,If a refund request is made after this time it  will not be honored.


Q - Does Assura Trade verify its Asset?

A: Yes,we are into partnership with several real estate firms and we ensure that all documents are acquire by them.As our membership base grows,we will run more partnership  with other real estate firms. 


Q - How Does Assura Trade Acquire their Asset?

A: If you are not familiar with Real Estate here is a very basic overview... The  real estate firm go into agreement with the owners of the land,they make payment for those lands and acquire the lands.once this is done ,the land belongs to them outrightly